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Specializing in:
  • Dryp IV Therapy
  • Pharmaceutical grade vitamins & supplements
  • Inspyre Life Change Program
  • Botox
  • Juvederm
  • Latisse
  • Kybella
  • Comprehensive Pain Mangement Services

Also By appointment in San Anselmo and San Mateo. 

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  • Dryp IV Therapy

    IV hydration to Rehydrate, Refresh, and Recharge!
    • Dryp Myers' Cocktail $225
      IV infusion containing 1 Liter of Fluids and Vitamins- B 12, B Complex, Vitamin C, Calcium, & Magnesium to rehydrate you from your busy schedule. Excellent after a trip, pre or post workout, jet lag, allergies, dehydration. Available only at Cocoon Soma SF Studio. 

    • Dryp Immune Boost $259
      1 Liter of IV fluid + Myers' Cocktail plus anti- oxidants, zinc & selenium. This service is designed to help treat your cold and flu. This infusion is also good for tissue healing.  Available only at Cocoon Soma SF Studio.
    • Dryp Cleanse and Detox (Most Popular Service) $259
      I Liter of IV fluid + Myers' Cocktail and glutathione.  This service is designed for the individual who is trying to stay in optimal health, is dehydrated from an event, or fighting a cold. Available only at Cocoon Soma SF Studio. 
    • Dryp Ultimate Energy $299
      Maximize your results with the ULTIMATE Dryp infusion. Includes Myers' Cocktail, zinc, selenium, and glutathione.  Designed to keep you at your peak performance for your demanding lifestyle. Available only at Cocoon Soma SF Studio. 
    • Dryp and Botox
      Why not combine 2 of the most popular services? 10% discount for each service too!
    • Dryp Simple hydration package $199
      Rehydrate with 1 Liter of fluid and B12. Available only at Cocoon Soma SF Studio. 
    • Zofran (Anti- Nausea) $40
      Add Zofran into your Dryp IV infusion to help get rid of your nausea. 
    • Toradol (Anti- Inflammatory) $40
      Toradol (stronger than Motrin) can help with reduce inflammation. 
    • Multi- Person Dryp Package $250
      Perfect for group activities- bachelor/bachelorette parties, conferences, post race hydration, etc. 
    • Multi- Package Dryp Specials
      The Ultimate Dryp Savings. Available for all services, and only administered at Cocoon Soma SF Studio. 
  • Comprehensive Skin Toning Service

    Dr. A's approach to skin toning, lightening, and glow includes a series of IV glutathione infusions, specialized oral supplements, and a series of customized facials and peels with a skilled esthetician. 
    • Dryp Glutathione Skin brightening infusions $259
      IV infusion of glutathione and vitamin C to hydrate and balance your skin. Added Glutathione helps even skin pigment and can help lighten skin tone. A series of 8-10 treatments are recommended, + oral supplementation of Glutathione and Vitamin C. Available only at Cocoon Soma SF Studio. 
  • Natural Cosmetic Results

    Dr. A is your youth doctor!
  • Inspyre Life Change Program (ILCP)

    $299/month, with 6 month minimum program participation. Work with an interdisciplinary team to help you reach your goals and be held accountable to them. ILCP is an innovative, cutting edge program that harnesses technology to streamline your program.  
    • ILCP monthly Program $299
      work with a team including a physician, elite personal trainer, and life coach to reach your goals. 
    • Vitamin C booster $40
      Give your immune system a jump start to fight your cold! Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant and is also good for your skin. 
    • Dryp IV Therapy for Surgery Patients

      Dr. A can help design optimal nutrition before and after your surgery so your tissues heal as quickly as possible. Dr. A recommends a minimum of 3 infusions. $750 for 3 infusions. 
      • Nutrition for Surgery Consultation $250
        Dr. A will help you devise a proper supplement plan to ensure optimal surgical healing and health. This service usually is a combination of vitamins, nutritional guidance, and Myers' Cocktail treatments. Dr. A is happy to discuss the treatment plan with your surgeon. 
      • Dryp Vitamin Infusions for Surgery $259
        Dr. A recommends a series of 3-4 infusions to help optimize your healing after surgery. 1-2 infusions prior to surgery, and then 1-2 after. Approval by Surgeon required. Includes zinc, selenium, & glutathione. Pack of 3 treatments recommended for $750. 
  • Pain Management

    • Initial Pain Management Consultation $250
      Dr. A is fellowship trained at Stanford and can devise a comprehensive plan to help you manage your pain. 
    • Botox for Muscle Pain and Spasms
      Botox can help relieve pain from 
      -Muscle spasms
      -TMJ/grinding/jaw pain
      -Myofascial pain 

    • Botox for Migraine Relief
      Botox can help relieve pain from chronic migraines headaches. 
    • Trigger Point Injections $150
      Help relax your muscles with local anesthetic injections directly into the muscle spasm. Can repeat injections with Botox for longer relief. 
    • Facet Injections $250
      Dr. A will consult with you and determine whether a facet block is appropriate for your spine pain.  It can help with neck or low back pain due to arthritis. Procedures are done at St. Matthews Surgery Center in San Mateo, CA. 
    • Epidural Injections $250
      Dr. A will consult with you for the appropriate injection therapy for your spine.  Epidurals help with radicular pain symptoms. Procedures are done at St. Matthews Surgery Center in San Mateo, CA. 
    • Shoulder Injection $150
      Dr. A injects local anesthesia & steroids to relieve shoulder pain. 
    • Knee Injection $150
      Dr. A injects local anesthesia & steroids to relieve knee pain. 
    • Elbow injection- tennis elbow and golfers elbow pain $150
      Dr. A injects medications to relieve your pain.
  • Ketamine IV therapy

    Ketamine can be used to treat treatment resistant depression (TRD) and certain chronic pain syndromes. 
    • Initial Consultation for Ketamine Treatment $250
      Dr. A requires an initial consultation prior to any Ketamine treatment plan. You will need a referring psychiatrist or pain management team. 
    • Ketamine for Depression $750
      After initial consultation with Dr. A, a treatment plan will be developed.  Procedures are done at St. Matthews Surgery Center in San Mateo, CA. 
    • Ketamine for Pain $750
      Initial pain consultation must be completed.  Procedures are done at St. Matthews Surgery Center in San Mateo, CA. 
  • Opioid Detox Services

    Dr. A can help you detox from opioid medications and regain control of your life. 
  • Health and Wellness Services

    • Vitamin B12 Booster $30
      Increase your energy and metabolism, and support your nervous system. Vitamin B12 boosters have been known to help with weight loss. 
    • Vitamin B Complex Booster $30
      Supports healthy nerves and nerve tissue. Also boosts healthy hair, skin, and nails (Biotin). 
    • Energy Booster $75
      No time for IV infusion? Try a Energy booster!
    • Glutathione Booster $40
      Add a Glutathione Booster to your IV infusion
    • Vitamin C Booster $40
      Give your immune system a jump start! Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant. 
    • Cold Buster Booster $125
      Fight your cold and flu with a booster composed of: Vitamin C, Zinc, and Selenium
    • Consultation $250
      Dr. A can help streamline your vitamin regimen and design a Health and Wellness plan thats right for you and your goals. 



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